Elena started swimming at the early age of 8 and kept swimming until she made her ultimate dream come true, competing at the Olympic games. After wrapping up her swimming career, she continued her love for the sport as well as fitness in general by earning certificates for swimming and fitness coaching as well as nutrition. Forever passionate and eager for growth and development, we urge you to go ahead and try one of her seasons and learn from a true athlete and a health and fitness advocate. A word of warning though, she is as tough as they come but she will for sure make you laugh through the tears and pain.


Say hello to yet another athlete in the house. Vladimir started his sports career very early at the age of 8. He found his love for tennis in his hometown of Belgrade, Serbia and he competed up till the age of 20. Not only was he a wonderful tennis player, winning a great number of tournaments throughout his career, he has become an even better coach. Don’t let his calm and collected demeanor fool you and come try out one of his gym or swimming sessions. We promise you, you will leave excited for the next class and maybe a bit tired and sore.  After all we all know the saying: “Still waters run deep”…


Surprise, surprise, our 3rd coach is also a former athlete and a pretty impressive one too. Jovana started her swimming career very early, at the age of 7. Growing up in Belgrade, Serbia she raised through the ranks of not only her club “Partizan” but the Serbian National Team as well. She represented her country in a number of European and World Championships until the age of 22 when she hung the suit and cap and picked up the stopwatch and started her coaching career. Having worked as a coach for the past 6 years she has gained a waste knowledge and experience in all things swimming as well as strength training and nutrition. From baby sharks to competitor swimmers, there have been hundreds of swimmers that have gone through Jovana’s capable hands. Swim coach by night but a fat loss and weight training expert by day, Jovana also works with the general population so if general fitness and body shaping is your goal, you are in the right hands. In her free time, she likes all things outdoors so you will find her hiking, swimming, running and catching Dubai’s rays. Join her in one of her many fields of expertise but don’t let the first impression fool you… She is sweet just through the warm up and then she will show you her true colors.