From first-time water babies to competitive young adults, we offer every kind of class for every age and stage. Our coaches assess each student’s ability and place them in groups of similar abilities, tailoring their teaching to each class.


  • Baby and Parent class – (Parent participation is mandatory) As far as we are concerned, it is never too early to start swimming. Our baby swimming classes start as early as 4 months old. In this class the parents will be learning all the exercises and will be encouraged to practice them with their babies under the supervision of our instructor. Babies will learn breathing techniques, safety drills as well as some independent swimming and underwater dips. (class ratio 8:1) – duration: 30min


  • Kids- Stage 1 – (students must be able to follow instructions) In this class students learn breathe control, how to independently float and paddle in a safe and fun environment. Introduction of equipment such as kickboards and goggles are strongly encouraged at this level. (class ratio 6:1) – duration: 45min


  • Kids- Stage 2 – This class is geared towards students who can swim without any assistance and are able to perform 25m of independent kicking on a board. Students learn the fundamentals of freestyle and backstroke as well as the basics of lane swimming etiquette and swimming terms. (class ratio 6:1) – duration: 45min


  • Kids- Stage 3 – At this stage students can perform 50m freestyle and backstroke. Breaststroke and dolphin kick, as well as tumble turns are introduced in this class. (class ratio 8:1) – duration: 45min


  • Kids- Stage 4 – This is one of our more advanced classes geared towards children looking to start competitive swimming. At this stage students are able to perform 100m freestyle and backstroke, 50m breaststroke and are perfecting their butterfly stroke. The biggest focus of this class is technique work and correction for all strokes, however endurance work is also a part of the program. (class ratio up to 12:1) – duration: 60-75min


  • Kids- Stage 5 – At this level students are comfortably swimming all strokes with proper technique. Technique work still continues, however the main focus is increasing endurance as well as strength and speed development. (class ratio up to 12:1) – duration: 60-90min