Meet the team

We are here for you and your results


The founder of FitSetGo has been an athlete her whole life, ever since she started swimming at the age of 8. After her swimming career finished Elena went into coaching both swimming and personal training. She has over 10 years of experience on the gym floor and on top of that she is a certified MNU nutritionist. 

Elena specializes in fat loss, body recomposition and disordered eating.
Currently she is on the road, traveling across Asia in a self converted bus with her husband Peter and their two kitties Lynx and Tiara.


Vladimir is another former athlete on our team. He was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia where he played tennis until the age of 22.

Vladimir specializes in body recomposition and muscle building and primarily focuses on male clients.

Currently you can find him in Dubai where he still coaches on the gym floor as well as online.


Suzana is a biochemist with over 12 years of experience in food safety and food consumption data.

A few years ago she led the first national project for nutrition habits in infants and young children in Macedonia and is currently coordinating the new project for nutrition habits in adults.

Suzana specializes in nutrition for children, the elderly as well as (peri)menopause.