Frequently Asked Questions

– Our 1on1 coaching  is tailored  specifically to you, your goals and lifestyle. We teach you both the nutrition as well as the training side of your fitness journey. Whether it is fat loss, muscle building, body recomposition or just better health in general, we are here to help you achieve your goal. 

– Initial in-depth consultation with your coach to establish goals, plan of action and your deeper meaningful reasons for reaching  out 

– A 4 week training plan that will bring you closer to your goal, a nutrition strategy as well as education on how to fuel your body while still enjoying a variety of your favorite  foods, as well as not giving up your social life. 

– Weekly check ins with your coach to keep you on track as  well as make any changes when needed

– Macro friendly recipes and meals inspiration 

– Access to our learning zone where we teach you all things nutrition as well as well proper training technique to give you fast gains and keep you injury free 

– Option to upload your training  videos for form checks and feedback

– You can easily get in touch with your coach via what`s app or our training platform. Contact hours will be discussed between you and the coach at  your initial consultation to make sure things run smoothly. 

–  No, however if you are a minor we need a parent/guardian present at  the consultation. 

– This would depend on your condition. All of this would be discussed in the initial consultation. Some medical conditions may require an approval from your physician. 

For example, if you have recently given birth you  will need to  be signed off by your doctor before you start working with us. 

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