About FitSetGo

Who are we?
We are an online coaching team dedicated to helping men and women of all ages build stronger bodies as well as minds, while developing healthy habits and a great relationship with food. 

Our story…

FitSetGo was founded in 2018 in Dubai by our head coach, nutritionist and former Olympic swimmer Elena. We started as a personal training and nutrition company as well a swimming academy with multiple coaches and hundreds of students. Unfortunately our success was slowed down by the pandemic and all the restrictions that  followed but we managed to come out the other side stronger. In July 2022 the company moved to mostly online coaching since Elena decided to leave Dubai and travel across Asia with her husband. While Elena is only available for online coaching, we still have coaches based in Dubai  if you are interested in Personal training. 

We  help you reach your goals

Lose fat

Build muscle

Better body composition

More confidence 

Get fitter

Great relationship with food 

Feel good

More energy 

Better mindset