No Fads,
just Science!

Evidence based training and nutrition tailored to your lifestyle.

Why Us?

We are passionate about helping both men and women change their lives. 

No shortcuts, just good old science backed nutrition and training to help you  get  sustainable, long lasting results.


We don`t  just tell you what to do! We teach you the right  way to nourish your body and train  to get the best result with the least  effort while staying safe, happy and injury free. 


Your coach will be there  to answer all and any  questions you might have and support you along in your journey


Long lasting results take time, consistency and patience. We will guide you  to  get the very best out of you.


Motivation s hard to maintain. Discipline is the only  path to success. We are here to give you  a little push when you need it and keep you accountable.

Real people, Real results!

Coaching with FitSetGo

What you get!

1 on 1 access to your coach

Personalized training plan

Nutrition guidance suitable to your goal and lifestyle

Weekly check ins with your coach

Access to our learning zone

Lifetime skills for improving your health and creating healthy habits

Meet the team 


The founder of FitSetGo has been an athlete her whole life, ever since she started swimming at the age of 8.


Vladimir is another former athlete on our team. He was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia where he played tennis until the age of 22.


Suzana is a biochemist with over 12 years of experience in food safety and food consumption data.